Resources for Emergency Workers

Evacuation Advice Cards for Emergency Services

A colourful pictorial (illustrated) evacuation (advice) card has been developed with the CALD community to assist emergency services to easily convey evacuation messages and orders to people who may not understand English very well or at all.

One side of the evacuation (advice) card illustrates EVACUATE NOW / LEAVE NOW while the other side illustrates EVACUATE SOON / LEAVE SOON.

Emergency service workers are encouraged to save this resource as a photo on devices such as smart phones, ipads for quick access during evacuations.

Emergency Services who would like to order this resource (DL size) please contact LC Design Graphic Design & Printing on (02) 4390 8637 /  0412 211 664 (costs involved).



A Evacuation Advice Card ‘how to’ Tip Sheet has been developed for emergency service workers.