Introducing Northern Settlement Services Ltd

Northern Settlement Services was established in Newcastle in 1981 as a Migrant Resource Centre by the Federal Government, to assist migrants & refugees in their settlement into Australian life. Northern Settlement Services Ltd (NSS) is an entirely independent not for profit organisation providing a range of services in the areas of settlement, aged care, youth and vulnerable families across the Hunter, Central Coast and New England regions of NSW.

"Our Vision"

A connected community where diversity defines and nourishes us.

 "Our Mission"

To support and inspire culturally diverse people and communities to overcome barriers and thrive.

 "NSS Strategic Plan 2021-2025"

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Our Board

NSS is led by CEO  with the support of a nine member Board.Board members are drawn from NSS’s membership base with elections held each year at an Annual General Meeting.The Board members bring a depth of experience from the community and corporate sectors.The Board comprises:

Sandra Feltham – Chair

Patricia Owen

Zac Ekandi

Shirley Schulz-Robinson

Seamus Fagan

Naomi McLean

Kasey Preston




Our Management Team

Sharon Daishe - CEO

Richard Hanson - Manager Finance

Andrew Tuck - Executive Officer

Jawaid Pardehi - Manager of Settlement, Families & Communities

Alisha Oblein - Manager Aged Care